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About The Site

So what’s this website all about?

Gaycations Costa Rica is the most comprehensive and most popular website covering the LGBT community in Costa Rica.

Our goal is to include up to date information for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people living in and visiting Costa Rica including a complete listing of all businesses (bars, discos, bathhouses, hotels and much more) in the country that are catering primarily to the LGBT community or those that are gay owned or make a special effort to reach the gay community.

What places are listed on the site? How do I get my business listed?

If you know of a business or place not listed on the site which should be included, please fill in our new listing form.

In order to qualify for a free basic listing, the business must be of particular interest to the gay/lesbian community in one or more of the following ways:
•  the business primarily caters to LGBT clients, e.g. a gay bar or sauna,
•  the business has events, days or specials specifically for LGBT clients and can show this on their website or other promotional material,
•  the business is gay owned or gay managed with many gay clients and can provide advice to gay travelers (where to go, etc). The business must be publically open about this (your listing text will indicate something like “gay friendly restaurant with gay owner”,
•  the business specifically markets itself to the LGBT community via their website or other general promotional materials(specific mention of what is offered to gay clients for example on the website or facebook page)

Another way the business can be listed on the map is to purchase a paid listing which indicates their commitment to the gay community as well as gives the business the many additional benefits of a paid listing! You can see all the benefits of a paid listing here.

Businesses requesting a free listing must also operate a physical location open to the public. Virtual or mail order businesses are invited to purchase a paid listing.

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

We have tried to cover everything we could think of that visitors here would need to know but if there’s something not covered, first check out the comments on the appropriate page and if your question isn’t answer there try posting your question as a comment on that page. For example there are various Q&A on the safety page from people asking and responding to specific topics.

What if I find an error or correction?

Things are always changing and it’s hard to keep up so we count on users of the site to let us know when a new place has opened, someplace else has closed or details have changed. Please contact us, leave a comment on the listing or use our new listing submission form to let us know about changes. We really appreciate all our contributors who have made the site the best source for LGBT info in Costa Rica!

Who is responsible for this website? Who built it?

The site was primarily built by Doug Dosdall of Doh Media Internet Solutions and has also built the Puerto Viejo Satellite website which is the best source for information on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

But the site only works with many members of the community contributing as well as visitors to Costa Rica sending in their own tips, adding their favorite places and writing content for the site.

Check our contributors page for a full list of people who have contributed information, photos and advise. We are also grateful to so many other people who have supported the site with information and by advertising, especially our Gay Costa Rica Top Picks!