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A small coastal town, Mal Pais lies at the southeastern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the northern part of the Puntarenas province. With rocky coves, seductive swells and surfing opportunities day and night, this beachfront village offers a haven for surfers. It spans roughly 6 kilometers of coastline, from Playa Carmen to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

Mal Pais

Mal Pais

Packing consistent waves and a long beach break, the Mal Pais region as a whole is a surfer’s paradise. The coast has rocky beaches with sandy stretches decorated in sea shells. It even has some unique volcanic formations along the shore, creating delightful scenery. Located a few kilometers north, Santa Teresa shines as a surfing hotspot. Surf shops, hotels and bars inhabit its beachfronts and streets. Shredders at all levels, from beginner to expert, can find waves suitable to their needs.



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