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This beach used to be a tranquil fishermen town that has grown due to an increasing amount of foreigners that make it their home. Currently it is known as a bohemian touristic beach town filled with people from all around the world.



Playa Montezuma is a small and calm place surrounded by a tropical dry forest, home of the howler monkey (very common to see). It offers clear colored sand and crystalline waters. With a moderate to strong swell this beach is often visited by surfers from different countries. The underwater rocky formations protect this beach from stronger marine currents.During low tide you can enjoy the natural pools that form in the different rocky structures located in the beach. Swimming around these natural pools are fishes and other marine creatures that will amaze you. One of the other natural attractions of this beach are the Cataratas de Montezuma (Montezuma Waterfalls), from 49 to 78 feet tall.


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