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This park was named “the most biologically intense place on Earth” by the National Geographic. It is considered a unique place for investigation and environmental education, being home for 2.5% of all the biodiversity on the planet in a little over 45.000 hectares, just like no other place on Earth

Corcovado Beach

Corcovado Beach

This park is shelter to the largest primary forest in the American Pacific, and to an also very large humid tropical forest, like very few on Earth. The size and the richness of its habitats(from 25 to 30 ecosystems) allow the park to be home to very important flora and fauna populations that have endemic and endangered species. Corcovado has a very important role in the protection of fauna (like the alligator, the crocodile and the harpy eagle), flora, streams and archeological pieces. In the park, some rivers begin their flow and some others end their flow into the sea, which protects them and helps them keep their purity.



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