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El Castillo Luxury Hotel

El Castillo, or The Castle, is heaven on earth with nine tastefully appointed rooms and a staff-to-room ratio of one-to-one.

There is a reason our nine-room adult-only luxury hotel is named The Castle: The magnificent structure perched 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean has arguably the most dramatic view in all of Costa Rica. Spectacular, yes. Stuffy, no. Our exceptional staff will ensure your vacation is the greatest of your lifetime.

In addition to the view, we added our exclusive island beach experience in 2016. A five-minute water-taxi ride transports guests directly across to Garza Island. The untouched beach is equipped with quaint, primitive bar facilities, a covered area with a small table, and of course, hammocks. Towels, refreshing drinks and food for grilling are brought over from the main hotel. This tour is typically offered only at certain times of the year, so please ask.