Teva Eco Retreat

Teva Hotel & Hostel

Téva is a hip eco-retreat with 20 acres of rainforest to explore onsite. Gay owned and LGBTQ friendly, Téva welcomes visitors from all backgrounds and has an inclusive vibe. Often hosts gay parties including the fun Sunday afternoon LGBT+ Pool Party hosted with Gay Tours!

Enjoy a swimming pool with jungle views, gardens, canopy level hammocks for monkey and toucan watching, and a Moroccan-Latin fusion restaurant, Azulëo, with all organic produce and local ingredients. 

Hiking distance to Playa La Macha, one of the most beautiful queer-friendly, clothing-optional beaches.

A wide variety of rooms that are all economically priced, ranging from dormitory-style for as low as $10 in low season to a private air-conditioned suite for 2  for $110 (peak season rates may be higher).